Top 5 Experiences for an Unforgettable Holidays in Ibiza

Top 5 Experiences for an Unforgettable Holidays in Ibiza

Ibiza evokes images of fun, of waters with incredible turquoise tones, of spirituality, and of that hippie style so typical of most corners of the island.

Travel experiences that Ibiza offers are infinite, a range of fun for those who love to party, sports, good food, and the best beaches. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy with a yogi retreat, chill-out music on the beach, dancing under the stars, nature, the sea, or the best sessions with renowned DJ’s in a wide variety of clubs, always tasting a spectacular Mediterranean cuisine.

We want to make sure that your holidays time in our villas in Ibiza is unforgettable, that is why we have selected the following experiences that will make you enjoy your stay and everything the island has to offer to you.

1. Outdoor Wellness


Our day-to-day responsibilities, the stress at work, the daily routine, or the lack of sleep take their toll on our bodies. If you feel you’re out of balance, drained, or have absorbed any negative external energy due to all these tensions caused by a busy lifestyle, we can help you to find the most absolute relaxation during your holidays.


To be pampered with the help of our massages, treatments, and outdoor rituals enjoying the island’s Mediterranean essence is a dream come true. An even more complete experience? Enjoy it without leaving the house, from the garden, or from the edge of the pool with all the privacy and tranquility that the villa offers.

An anti-stress massage, provides disconnection, relaxation, rest… Whatever your needs are there is a treatment that meets your needs. To achieve these objectives, the massage is carried out with essential oils that have been personally selected according to the result sought in each treatment. The oils are made with natural ingredients that achieve the desired effects and help to improve their well-being.

2. Cinema Under the Stars

A night of classics, romance, comedy for a good laugh, or perhaps animation if you travel with the little ones of the house?

The arrival of the heat invites you to look for outdoor activities and there is no better plan to enjoy the summer nights with your family, your couple, or your group of friends than watching your favorite movies in the garden or on the pool terrace of your villa.

We propose to set up a real outdoor cinema with everything you need to enjoy the seventh art under the big hall that the starry sky becomes.

3. Sailing the Mediterranean

Sailing through the turquoise waters of Ibiza and Formentera on a sunny day is an excellent way to escape from the crowded beaches and access hidden coves or corners that are only accessible by boat.

Our boat charter rental service offers a large fleet that adapts to your needs both in terms of capacity and schedule, offering the possibility of renting by the day or just half a day to live the experience.


View from one of the boats you can rent to sail around Ibiza

Exploring the amazing coastal attractions of Ibiza from a boat is a great way to spend the day with friends or family and discover places like Cala d’Hort, Aigües Blanques beach, Cala Conta, Ses Illetes, or Calo des Mort. 

4. Watersports Fun


Are you a fan of action and adventure sports? We have the last activities to enjoy the sea to the full as you have never done before with monitors and maximum security. Try some of the water sports we have available to make your summer unforgettable and full of action.

Wakeboarding could be described as a mix between water skiing is one of the favorite options for lovers of extreme sports, speed, and water when sailing. Slide standing on a board with bindings while being propelled by a boat.

Kitesurf, If the wind allows it, you can glide over the water propelled by a traction kite attached to your body by a harness, so that you can sail on a board over the waves or perform acrobatics in the air.

Watersports Tour one of the most demanded activities. During 2h you will be able to practice different sports such as Flyboard, Seabob water propellers, Schiller water bikes, giant paddlesurf from some of our boats De Antonio Yachts.

Different water sports you can practice in Ibiza

5. The best gastronomy at your disposal

Whether you are one of those who like to dine in a restaurant or one who prefers to enjoy at home with family or friends you have to try the professional home chef service, to enjoy a memorable evening.

Private Chef, would you like to taste a menu prepared by a professional chef? Intimate or group dinners our chefs take care of everything from shopping to cleaning, you just have to choose the menu.

We have the best chefs on the island to offer you professionalism and discretion so that you can relax and authentic culinary experience from the intimacy of your villa with the highest standards of quality.

Sa paella Club, enjoy the pleasure of tasting a paella, one of the most representative dishes of Spanish gastronomy cooked in the garden of your villa by one of the best chefs specialized in making paella.


While the paella is cooked slowly, you will have the opportunity to enjoy an aperitif with typical products of our national gastronomy.


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