Wakeboard and Water Ski classes in Ibiza

Wakeboard Ibiza

Thanks to Eivillas you can enjoy the best Wakeboard and Water Ski classes in the best destinations in Ibiza. Start practicing these popular water sports accompanied by professional instructors.

Combine the passion of this sport with the spectacular views of the Ibiza coast, with special tours that will help you discover the secrets of this sport while we take care of your safety so that you can learn the most basic concepts. We mainly offer these classes in two amazing places, Cala Comte or Caló des Moro. Both have crystal clear waters and a typical landscape of the island of Ibiza that will make this session even more spectacular than in any other destination.

Cala Comte en Ibiza

You won’t need to buy any specific thing, because we have all the equipment you will use for both Wakeboard and Water Ski.

How to sign up for Wakeboard and Water Ski classes in Ibiza?

Clase de Wakeboard en Ibiza

Evillas has a large number of partners so that you can live the best experiences during your stay in Ibiza, making sure that you will find the most exciting activities guaranteed. You can complete our form indicating your contact information and we will shortly arrange with you the ideal date for this activity. Don’t wait any longer, enjoy the Wakeboard experience, we are waiting for you!

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