Excursions are a magnificent and impressive way of visiting coves and islets on a jet ski with the option of taking a bath in crystal clear waters.


Cala Conta Tour - € 95

  • We will visit 7 magnificent islets around the beach of Cala Conta 
  • The lighthouse of the Bledas Islands, the forest island and its cliffs await you
  • Tour is 35min approx.


 Illa Es Vedra Tour - € 130

  • Es Vedrá is the third most magnetic point in the world
  • We will visit Calaconta, Cala tarida, Cala d’hort, and Es veará
  • Tour is 1h approx.


Illes Margarides Tour - € 180

  • Margaritas Islands is one of the most beautiful islets to visit in Ibiza, this islet has a cave that can only be accessed by jet ski or small boat
  •  We will visit cala gració, salty cove, beautiful cliffs and the islets of isla margaritas
  • Tour is 1,5 hours approx.


General information:

• Insurance included in all activities.

• Highly qualified and knowledgeable monitors of impressive places that can only be visited by jet ski.

• All clients must sign a document at the beginning of the activity agreeing to follow the rules and safety instructions of the monitors, in the case of omission the contracted activity will end.

• The minimum age to ride a jet ski is 16 years old. In this case you must be accompanied by an adult.





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