Are you interested in renting your house in Ibiza or Formentera? Put yourself in the hands of professionals in the management of tourist rentals and get the highest profitability possible.


We know that your house is more than a treasure for you, so from Eivillas we give you a cluster of advantages with which you can advertise your house or villa getting the most out of it through vacation rental

  • We are a local business from Ibiza, legally constituted which work exclusively in Ibiza and Formentera. We are at your disposal for anything you need at all times.
  • We are not another company that charges the commission and forgets everything about that booking, we remain available 24/7 to assist our guests in everything the might need during their stay, giving an extra added value to your villa or house.
  • We provide you with an user and password to access to our software in order you can have all the information about your houses’ bookings in real time.
  • We have important partnerships with online touristic agencies whom are leaders in the sector in more than 65 countries.
  • As a prove of our excellent service, we have the backing of all owners we work with who placed their trust in us.

You will have more time free for you without losing the total control of your house and you will gain more benefits.


When listing with us, you can choose between 3 different options, we will be more than happy in helping you in any of them.

Collaboration without exclusivity

Being thought to those owners who manage directly their vacacional home, we can offer your house or villa with the aim objective of increasing your bookings.

Total collaboration with exclusivity

Being thought to those owners without much time but at the same point want to have control of the booking and prices. In this case we are in charged of managing the bookings, payments, calendar, check-in, check-out and giving personalized services to the guests, helping and solving any problem might occur during their stay.

Besides, we are in charged of cleaning service and laundry.

Long rent

This agreement establish payment conditions and a certain amount of money in a specific period of time, and we are in charge about everything in your holiday home.

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