The 4 Best Areas to Stay in Ibiza

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In the heart of the Mediterranean, the island of Ibiza captivates everyone as a destination that goes beyond its famous parties and beaches. With diverse geography and a magnificent climate, the island is naturally divided into four distinct regions: North, West, East (City of Ibiza), and South.

Each of these areas has plans, activities, and gastronomy that will make you want to return soon. And to help you plan your stay, Eivilla highlights the tourist attractions of these 4 areas.

Ready to discover the authenticity of each corner of Ibiza?

Ibiza's Most Notable Places by Area

North of Ibiza

Where tranquility finds its home

If you are looking for a small kingdom of serenity and peace that encapsulates the purest spirit of Ibiza, the north of the island is your destination. A must-visit is the municipality of San Carlos, known as Ibiza’s first hippie destination in the 60s.

Visit Bar Anita, a key spot full of curiosities that will transport you to that era of peace.

Just a kilometer from San Carlos, you must stroll through the Las Dalias Market, one of the most characteristic of Ibiza. With over 300 stalls, you’ll find crafts, handmade clothes, books, paintings, and the opportunity to discover your future through hand readings and tarot.

Can Marçà, a smuggler’s cave over 100,000 years old, has been a must-see tourist attraction since the 80s.

Moreover, Cala de San Vicente, one of the best in the north, has crystal clear waters and a perfect environment for families and children, while hiking in the area reveals breathtaking landscapes in places like Cala d’en Serra, Balansat, Balàfia, Canal d’en Martí, and San Juan de Labritja.

Sant Joan de Labritja, a small and cozy town, immerses you in a fantasy storybook setting. Also, the fishing charm of Port de Ses Caletes, a gravel and rock cove about 8 kilometers from Sant Joan, transports you to past times and offers the opportunity to be in contact with nature in one of the most attractive corners of the island. This journey through the north of Ibiza promises a unique combination of history, natural beauty, and tranquility.

As you have seen, it is an ideal area to explore, where we have a wide selection of villas. We recommend staying at the charming Can Roig, a beautiful country house furnished with high-quality materials, a large pool, and incredible views of nature that guarantee a unique coexistence.

Close by, in San Miguel, luxury merges with calm beaches. Villa Marilina, located at the end of a peaceful street, offers isolation and serenity at its best. Additionally, the proximity to the Can Marçà Cave adds a touch of history to the experience, allowing you to immerse yourself in Ibiza’s natural beauty from this unique retreat.

West of Ibiza

Unforgettable sunsets and hidden corners. Explore the entire west coast of the island with this route we have prepared for you!

DAY 1: From Cala d’Hort to Playas de Conde

  1. Cala d’Hort. Start your day early at Cala d’Hort, enjoying the stunning views of Es Vedrà. Avoid the sunset crowds and dive into the clear waters. Love snorkelling? This is your spot!

  2. Cala Carbó. Continue to this small cove with charming landscapes. Take the opportunity to try authentic Ibizan cuisine at the beach restaurant.

  3. Cala Vedella. Though it has lost some of its charm, it remains one of the most beautiful beaches on the west coast. Explore the restaurants along the shore for a possible lunch stop.

  4. Cala MolíWith pebbles and rocks, this cove maintains its charm by being away from the crowds. Ideal for those who enjoy quieter places. Relax sunbathing, enjoy the calm waters, bring your own food and have a picnic on the beach.

  1. Cala Tarida. The longest beach in the west of Ibiza, with a family-friendly atmosphere and crystal-clear waters. Enjoy a dip and relax on the extensive beach. Try paella at one of the nearby restaurants!

  2. Cala CodolarA small cove with rounded pebbles, perfect for relaxing after lunch without too much hustle. Prepare your favorite sandwiches and explore nearby trails to enjoy panoramic views!

  3. Platges de Comte. Conclude the first part of your route at one of the most famous and visited shores of the island. Dive into transparent waters and find a spot to watch the sunset with the island of Conillera in the background. And don’t miss the experience of dining at one of the seafront restaurants.

DAY 2: From Cala Bassa to Cala Saladeta

  1. Cala Bassa. Start your second day at one of the most famous coves in Ibiza. The scenic beauty and transparency of its waters make it a perfect place to relax. Rent a hammock, relax on the beach, and try tapas at one of the nearby beach bars.
  2. Port des Torrent. Enjoy the calm waters of this cove, ideal for families. Take a walk around the port, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, and take advantage of the beach bars in the area.
  3. Cala Gració and Cala GracionetaDiscover these two coves surrounded by pine trees and with a view of the island of Conillera. Explore the trails connecting both coves! Book a table at Cala Gracioneta for a lunch at the famous beach bar.
  4. Punta Galera. Explore this unique place, a former stone quarry with terraces. It’s not a conventional cove, but it offers clear waters and a special atmosphere. Try practicing yoga on the rocky platforms for a unique experience.
  5. Cala Salada and Cala Saladeta. Conclude your route at this set of coves. Take an evening walk to marvel at the views and dine at La Torre to complete the day. If you’re traveling by car, be mindful of access restrictions and choose the right time to visit.

If you decide to choose this area, we recommend Casa Ses Blaus, a 90m2 house surrounded by trees and nature. With a capacity for 5 people, this house on a 2500m2 plot guarantees serenity and space for perfect holidays.

Looking for a touch of luxury? Villa Crypto stands out with its infinity pool and breathtaking views. With 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, this villa offers an exceptional experience less than 5 minutes from Es Cubells. Immerse yourself in luxury and comfort in every corner.

East of Ibiza (Ibiza City)

Culture, Nightlife, and Dazzling Beaches

The cultural and nightlife heart of the island, Ibiza City, is renowned for its ancient Dalt Vila and its stunning heritage that will leave you awe-struck.

If this area of the island catches your attention, here are the must-do activities.

Start your day with a Free Tour through the old town. Join the tour in front of Café Mar y Sol in the port and delve into the city’s history, from its founding in 654 BC to becoming the famous party destination it is today.

After the tour, head to the Dalt Vila viewpoint to enjoy breathtaking panoramas of the city and its surroundings.

Walk through the steep cobbled streets that will take you to the highest point, where you can marvel at views spanning from the port to the surrounding mountains. Capture the essence of the white island from this spectacular vantage point.

Continue your journey wandering through the old town of Dalt Vila. Explore the maze of streets that make up this unique citadel in Europe, considered a World Heritage Site. Discover the Cathedral Square, where the Santa Maria Cathedral, the Town Hall, and the castle are located. Take the opportunity to stroll along the walls and visit the iconic bastions, enjoying different scenes of the city.

Immerse yourself in contemporary art at the Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art (MACE). Located in a 1727 building in the old town, MACE houses an extensive collection including urban art exhibitions, video art, and performance. Explore works by local and international artists, and visit the second floor to discover an interesting archaeological set with Roman, Phoenician, and Punic remains.


Don’t miss the iconic Cathedral of Santa Maria de las Nieves. Admire the mix of architectural styles, from Gothic to Neoclassical, as you explore the imposing interior with its central nave, chapels, and elevated choir. Discover the cross-vaulted ceiling and visit the Holy Chapel, where the image of the Virgin of the Snows is kept. Additionally, explore the Diocesan Museum, which houses a treasure trove of relics and artistic pieces related to the history of the Pityusic Church.

End your day tasting the rich Ibizan cuisine in the Marina district. Immerse yourself in the bohemian atmosphere of this area, known for its varied gastronomic offerings.

Delight in traditional dishes such as fish stew or fish soup, and enjoy the mix of Mediterranean flavours with Arab, Italian, and Catalan influences. Conclude the evening in a place overlooking the port, thus completing your culinary experience in Central Ibiza.

Are you staying in central Ibiza? If so, we suggest a first option: the elegant Villa Cane for your stay on the island. With a pool and wooden details, this villa allows you to easily explore every corner of Ibiza from the comfort of your accommodation.

On the outskirts of Ibiza City, Nuestra Señora de Jesús offers tranquillity without straying too far from the action. Our second suggestion for the area is the wonderful Villa Mar, just 350 meters from Talamanca beach, an ideal choice for a perfect summer vacation with its private saltwater pool and the convenience of being close to the beach.

South of Ibiza

Pristine Beaches and Endless Fun

If you’re leaning towards the south of the island, grab a notebook and pencil because we’re about to tell you what you need to do for unforgettable days.

Start your day at the charming Racó Verd in Sant Josep de sa Talaia, where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast before embarking on a day full of discoveries.

Head towards the coast of Es Vedrà, climbing up to the Torre des Savinar to marvel at a unique panorama of the islet and catch a glimpse of the mysterious Atlantis from above. Don’t miss the Cova des Mirador, a fascinating stop on your journey.

Travel along the impressive southern coast of Ibiza, making possible stops at coves like Cala Jondal to appreciate the natural beauty. Take time to relax at Platja de ses Salines, where Sa Trinxa offers a laid-back atmosphere along with excellent food and drink.

At sunset, stroll to the Torre de ses Portes and admire the spectacular salt flats illuminated by the setting sun.

The night begins at the Beach House at Platja d’en Bossa or at Destino in Sant Josep for dinner with a view of the waves. Enjoy a drink in the chic atmosphere of KM5 before heading to iconic places like Space or Ushuaïa to dance until dawn.

Now that your route is clear, it’s time to choose your villa in Ibiza!

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At Eivillas, we recommend Villa Reina, strategically located near the beautiful beaches of Cala Vadella, Cala Carbó, and Cala d’Hort. Famous for its relaxed atmosphere and special beaches, this area offers a perfect mix of tranquility and fun in equal parts. Does this area catch your attention?

You can also opt for authentic luxury at Villa Blanca. With its elegant windows framing views of the ancient fortified walls of Ibiza’s old town, the Mediterranean Sea, and Formentera, it presents itself as a timeless choice.

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