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Service Full Fridge for villa in Ibiza

Thanks to our Full Fridge service, you can enjoy your villa in Ibiza with everything you need, fresh in the fridge.

Do you want to arrive at the villa with soft drinks and cold beers in the fridge or something special for your children? Don’t worry, thanks to Eivillas you can relax from the first moment you enter the accommodation, without having to worry about anything but enjoying yourself. You will have everything you order directly from our website.

Any type of product that you may need from the supermarket can be added to your request so you won’t have to worry about traveling to any shop, you just have to get to your destination to start enjoying it from the first minute and relax in a paradisiacal and private environment.

A Premium service that will give you more time to enjoy your vacation, thanks to our online contracting service, allowing us to have everything prepared for you and your beloved ones before you arrive.

To enjoy this service, you simply have to access our online store and order the products. Once the products have been chosen, you can add the details of your reservation in Eivillas with the arrival time.

You can even search for products by brand, adding any need in the attached notes field or by contacting us directly. We will be happy to help you prepare everything you need just before your arrival.

You can ask for all kinds of drinks, products, food and condiments that you need, because we want to provide the unique quality experience to which the Eivillas team has accustomed his clients, with the convenience of having everything you need as soon as you arrive at the villa for your holiday in Ibiza.

Other additional services with Eivillas

We also offer other services such as chef at home, so that you don’t have to worry about feed at all, as well as other experiences, such as a dinner prepared on a boat, enjoying the sunset in the Mediterranean and with 5-star dishes.

We are waiting for you and your beloved ones to offer you a unique, unforgettable experience and with all your needs covered so that you only have to enjoy and relax as much as possible.

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