Although Ibiza is widely known throughout the world for its festive atmosphere, the truth is that the idyllic Mediterranean island has a history and traditions that correspond to a true ecosystem of peace, harmony, tranquility and relaxation, which make it a more interesting experience, although less known, one of those experiences that can renew you and change your perspective on life.

Therefore, we consider that’s vitally important to show you this wonderful Ibiza facet, adding below the best areas of Ibiza for enjoying both, the most touristic version, and the Ibiza of peace and tranquility, in a word, of paradise.

The quietest areas of Ibiza, the relaxing northeast of the island

Ibiza, once we have decided to divide it geographically by an aspect as relevant as the vacation style we want to enjoy, which in this case is based on the absolute tranquility that a paradisiacal Mediterranean island can provide, we can, broadly speaking, draw an imaginary line between the northeast and southeast of the island, and take the first half. Truth is that there are many quiet and secluded areas throughout the island, along with the warm climate and paradisiacal landscape which make them an ideal setting for a stress-free vacation, but mostly are located in the north and east.

Saint John the Baptist

San Juan Bautista (Sant Joan de Labritja) is an authentic municipality that has all the features of the quietest Ibiza, and can become the ideal place to enjoy a stay with family or as a couple in one of the most relaxing environments on the island. Amongst the Ibizan towns with the biggest population (the third), with an autochthonous character and appearance, that is, the typical village landscape of white houses. All of them make up a very pleasant old neighborhood, which, together with the area dedicated to the sea, such as the promenade or the marina, make up an entire area in Ibiza with all the comforts and unique aspects of the island to relax.

Cala San Juan Bautista Ibiza

If you want to enjoy a truly relaxing stay in this town, we suggest this wonderful villa called Villa Boca Sega, in the middle of a completely isolated forest, in an atmosphere of great luxury in the purest Ibizan style, just like if you and your beloved ones alone fully booked a small 5-star hotel, enjoying the wonderful pool during the beautiful sunsets of the island, so to speak.

Villa Boca Sega Eivillas

San Carlos

The town of San Carlos (Sant Carles de Peralta) is a cozy place resembling the typical Ibiza postcard, an aged and well-kept town with white buildings, some of them pretty old, such as the church of San Carlos built in the 18th century.

San Carlos in Ibiza

It is located in the northeast of the island, surrounded by between 2 and 3 km of some of the most beautiful and quiet coves on the island, such as Cala Llenya, Cala Boix, Cala Nova or Aguas Blancas, providing a peaceful spiritual retreat. The town is a local people’s usual passageway, so you can find all kinds of shops with traditional Ibizan gastronomy products.

Are you looking for relaxation? Nothing like our Villa Landscape. An experience that we have prepared for you in Eivillas that will remove all the stress of everyday life for you and your beloved ones, cleansing and renewing your spirits in this wonderful and idyllic place. Unparalleled views of the sea and the mountains, in a luxury villa, cared for in detail, in the purest Ibiza style, ready and prepared for your next vacation.

Villa Landscape Eivillas

Santa Eulalia del Rio

This small Ibizan town has all the characteristics needed to enjoy quiet holidays with your family or as a couple. Of ancient historical tradition, this area that, in ancient Muslim times was called Xarc, is one of those considered to be the most relaxing and quiet on the entire island, including its wonderful coves with crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Without a doubt, a perfect place with all the comforts.

Santa Eulalia Ibiza

There are numerous vacation rental offers, but if you really want to relax, we suggest our Casa Blai, located in Santa Eulalia, which has an outdoor saltwater pool with hydromassage, and magic views of the Mediterranean Sea. Ask us for whatever you want, from a chef to prepare your best dinner staring at the sea by dusk, or to fill your fridge before you arrive, all achieved with our expertise, for living a unique experience hand in hand with eivillas, for you and your people.

Casa Blai Eivillas

The most tourist areas in Ibiza, the well-known south of the island

Apart from the wonderful northeast of the island, Ibiza has other unique facets to enjoy it depending on the style of vacation you want to have. From the mythical nightclubs such as Pachá, to the full of life best-known coves and beaches, as well as markets, restaurants and other tourist offers in the Ibizan style.

To do this, on this occasion, we will focus on the southern part of the island, both east and west, as there are countless options to enjoy an unforgettable experience, drawing an imaginary line from Ibiza Capital to San Antonio.

Cala Conta, The sunset

Cala Conta (Cala Compte) is a full of life cove, for those who want to have a cool drink and listen to chill-out music while enjoying the fantastic sunset. An idyllic place with truly crystalline and turquoise waters waiting for you to live the best experience with family, friends, or couple.

Cala Conta Ibiza

An easily accessible place, close to the port of San Antonio, and one of the best known. If you want to enjoy this area closely, one of our best recommendations is our Villa Horizonte, located 5 minutes away from some of the best coves in Ibiza, including Cala Conta. A wonderful villa with a private pool and wonderful sea views, with luxury detaisl and in the purest Ibizan style, with capacity for 10 people in a unique and paradisiacal place.

Villa Horizonte Eivillas

Cala Vadella

Cala Vadella (Cala Vedella), is considered one of the most beautiful coves in the southwest of the island as well as in the entire Mediterranean. A totally naturally protected place, with white sand and crystal clear waters. A whole family atmosphere waiting for you to live the best experience. It is nestled between two magnificent cliffs, which make up a natural port of incalculable beauty. You will find restaurants with a great gastronomic offer including native fish, shops and all the services you need for your stay.

Cala Vadella Ibiza

Our proposal is a magnificent villa located in the vicinity of Cala Vadella, an exquisite and luxurious villa with every detail taken care of to the maximum. Our Villa Vadella is a special place from which you can enjoy the sunset from an infinity pool with a waterfall, and live the best Ibiza experience. All the services you need at your disposal, hand in hand with the eivillas team.

Villa Vadella Eivillas

Saint George

Sant Jordi de Ses Salines is a very central area, a stone’s throw from the airport, the capital and all the most popular tourist attractions on the island. This Ibiza town is located just 10 minutes away from the city, where you can find everything you need. It is the typical and cozy town of Ibizan white houses, with its old windmills and its magnificent lighthouse, with unparalleled views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Cala Sant Jordi en Ibiza

To enjoy an authentic oasis with a private heated pool and air conditioning in this beautiful area we suggest, for example, our villa Can Massinet, with wonderful outdoor gardens, with 4 bedrooms and 2 complete and well-kept bathrooms. A haven of peace to enjoy the best barbecues in Ibiza.

Can Massinet Eivillas

These are just some of the areas that we have suggested, but we invite you to discover many others by yourself, such as the best and quietest coves in the island, or more touristic areas, such as the coves that surround the capital. Our villas catalog spreads throughout the island, and we also have car rental services so you don’t have to worry about having everything you need to discover all the most wonderful places on your own.

To find the holiday rental accommodation in Ibiza that best suits your needs, please visit our holiday villas in Ibiza.