Yoga, Wellness & Team Building in magical Ibiza

Have you ever heard of the magical energy that emanates from the island of Ibiza?

The sun, the light, the sea, the nature that permeates every corner and its bohemian style create a unique and relaxed vibration that makes Ibiza a paradise for wellness, and gives the visitor a feeling of freedom and connection in and with the environment.

With an excellent climate to enjoy its natural environment, Ibiza is one of the places with more hours of sunshine in Europe. The island is the perfect destination to enjoy outdoor activities dedicated to taking care of your body and mind, helping you to find inner peace, break away from routine and become more aware of your daily life.

Besides, its location and good flight connections to the main European cities have contributed to Ibiza becoming one of the best destinations in recent years for restoring the balance of body, mind, and spirit through yoga retreats, meditation,  and relaxation.

Yoga group in a villa in Ibiza

Why not escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and prepare an escape to reconnect body and soul and increase productivity again?

Discover all the possibilities White Island has to offer your team at your next yoga retreat.

If you are looking for innovative ways to support your team and increase the productivity of your business, a yoga retreat is the perfect activity. Yoga has recently gained great popularity because of its beneficial principles of striving for harmony between mind and body. It offers your team the opportunity to work on a return to simplicity, improve stress, concentration, bad habits, and improve muscle tone, flexibility, and overall fitness.

Practicing yoga in the garden

What are the direct benefits of this activity? 

  •  Improved memory and concentration
  • Improve performance and productivity
  • Helps build a stronger immune system
  • Improved posture
  • Reduction of back pain and fatigue
  • Stress Reduction

Undoubtedly, this is a highly recommended activity for groups. Which helps to relax the working atmosphere and improves the personal and professional development of your employees.

yoga near the swimming pool

Are you planning a corporate retreat?

The privileged location, the peace, and harmony that our villas in Ibiza offer, make them the ideal place for wellness retreats and healthy holiday programs for groups.

Equipped with everything necessary, they have spacious rooms and common spaces for small groups of 6 to 18 people, offering all the relaxation and comfort for an unforgettable stay. Surrounded by an incomparable natural frame to walk or to program activities outdoors where the scent of rosemary, pine, or lavender will make you feel the Mediterranean essence in pure state. 

Yoga retreats, coaching programs, healthy cooking courses, wellness workshops, mindfulness, outdoor meditation in the best villas on the island to take care of body and mind while enjoying the great luxury of simplicity.

We have all the resources, and our villas offer you everything you need to make your teambuilding a success.

Villa Boca Sega

Surrounded by a lush Mediterranean forest, Villa Boca Sega offers different private areas, chill-out, and outdoor areas. This cozy villa is the perfect place for a yoga retreat, meditation, or other group activities.

Villa Boca Sega in Ibiza

Casa Cama

Only 5 minutes by car from Santa Eulalia this wonderful villa is surrounded by pine trees, which preserves all the authenticity and charm of natural materials such as stone and wood, on a plot of 6000 m2 with many outdoor areas ideal for relaxation and group activities. 

Villa Casa Cama in Ibiza

Villa Sarahmuk

With 500 years old, this cozy villa offers a variety of areas for relaxation on its 50,000 m2 plot with incredible views of the Mediterranean Sea, from where you can enjoy the magnificent sunsets of Ibiza. It is the perfect place for yoga and meditation retreats, enjoying its quiet areas and a Mediterranean garden with its vegetable garden.

Villa Sarahmuk in Ibiza

Villa Bella

Located between San Rafael and San Mateo, this villa preserves the charm of the typical Ibizan architecture with wooden ceilings and a lively decoration that will transport you to the most authentic and traditional Ibiza and offer you a unique experience. 

Villa Bella in Ibiza

Villa Tamhass

Located in the interior of Ibiza, in a rural area near Santa Gertrudis you will find Villa Tamhass. The 30,000 m2 plot has a beautiful outdoor area with palm trees, cypresses, olive trees and pines. Next to the house is a wooden platform overlooking the countryside, designed for the practice of yoga, pilates or meditation. If you are a large group you can book villa Casa Estrella, located right next to Villa Tamhass to accommodate all participants and enjoy the retreat.

Villa Tamhass in Ibiza

If you wish to complement your yoga retreat with other wellness activities, we can also help you with our specialized treatments using various massage techniques.

There is nothing better than the opportunity to enjoy an anti-stress massage overlooking the sea, to switch off, relax and connect with yourself. Whatever your needs are, there is a treatment to suit your needs. To achieve these goals, the massage is carried out with essential oils, which are individually selected according to the desired result of each treatment. The oils are made with natural ingredients based on plants, flowers and Mediterranean essences, which achieve the desired effects and contribute to the improvement of well-being.

To make your relaxation experience as complete as possible, we also offer our transfer service, either for the airport transfer or for the daily transfers. Our vehicles are adapted to the needs of groups of all sizes.

Have you already discovered why Ibiza is so special when it comes to yoga retreats? We await you in our villas to offer peace and happiness to your team. 

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