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The Best Sunsets In Ibiza

When the sun goes down in IBIZA!

One thing that makes us all fall in love with Ibiza is its amazing sunsets; on earth many are the places where you can get astonished by the display of colors in the sky when nightfall starts but only a few ones provide you with an unforgettable environment, only a few of them are as well thought to make you enjoy the whole experience. Luckily, here you will find the perfect spot for you to enjoy the best sunsets in Ibiza.

Best places to enjoy the sunset in Ibiza

The time has come to discover two strategic points from which you can contemplate the best sunsets on the island of Ibiza: the Café del Mar and the Hostal la Torre. Each of these places we recommend has its advantages and you may decide to visit both during your stay, but in case you have any doubts, we will explain more about their history and the charms of their surroundings for this magical moment of the day.

Sunset from the Cafe del Mar

In Ibiza it is known that when the sun reaches its highest point in the sky and starts falling down until it completely vanishes, the place to go is Sant Antoni. There, you can find a good location to enjoy the sunset. If your are looking for a fancy and unforgettable experience, you can go to Cafe Del Mar. This place is historically distinguished by its unique and chill out atmosphere, since its opening in 1980 Cafe Del Mar has been characterized by the emerge of an unique musical style that can be enjoyed today.

Sunset Ibiza
Sunset Ibiza from Cafe Del Mar

Sunset from the Cafe del Mar

Although Cafe Del Mar is an emblematic spot for sunset lovers it is not the only one. In my visit to Ibiza I had the privilege to find a piece of heaven on earth within Hostal la Torre. Here, you will be transformed as soon as you stand your feet in its entrance. From the moment you arrive you can feel the energy of the place. No words can be accurately describe how amazing the place is. Compared to cafe Del Mar, the place looks bigger and with many more place to enjoy the sunset with no interference. Actually, that was the feature I like the most, You feel on the top of a mountain, and the different levels on it are a unique to many taste. You can seat in the restaurant are, in the chill out area, the terrance  that are above the restaurant or you can choose to get lost in nature going down between the rocky area. I guarantee there will be a great place for you! Most  importantly is that you don’t have to check the weather forecast to go because even in cloudy days the view is absolutely breathtaking, unforgettable. This place has some magic in such nice location, and if you don’t believe me just have a look to these pictures.

Magic sunset place in Ibiza
Sunset Ibiza from Hostal La Torre

Eivillas offers villas to enjoy every day of the sunset

As you know, at Eivillas we specialize in offering villas in Ibiza so that you can live a complete experience with your trip to this charming destination. In particular, to enjoy a sunset we recommend you stay at Casa Negret, an ideal place for you to contemplate this spectacle of colour every day in a garden next to the swimming pool. As we said at the beginning of this article, this is the ideal place to stay in Sant Antoni, the best area to watch the Ibiza sunsets.

View from Casa Negret in Ibiza
View from Casa Negret in Ibiza

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